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The Death of the Gentleman Scholar by ADMIN posted on OCTOBER 22, 2011 “Wisdom crieth aloud in the street; she uttereth her voice in the highways” Proverbs 1,22 Recent events have made me remember…

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The Way People Argue II

Sideways of the main question are where most people defend their positions. If you get your opponent stuck on a side issue you may win without beating your opponents logic. When on the sideways, you are appealing to emotion; particularly … Continue reading

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On Protection

When government increases oversight and regulation, how does this protect anybody? Promoters of increased regulation assert that corporations and businesses won’t be able to get by with corruption if we impose oversight on them. The rationale, when regulation is discussed, … Continue reading

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“Legalized” Discrimination

“Critical Legal Studies Reading Group (CLS Group) is an organization comprised of students and faculty, that is comprised on reading about and discussing issues of sexuality, gender, race, class and postmodernism in the law, as well as Critical Race Theory, … Continue reading

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