“Legalized” Discrimination

“Critical Legal Studies Reading Group (CLS Group) is an organization comprised of students and faculty, that is comprised on reading about and discussing issues of sexuality, gender, race, class and postmodernism in the law, as well as Critical Race Theory, Feminist Jurisprudence, and other related areas of critical thought and analysis.”

Apparently this is what students at Hamline University School of Law consider “critical” reading in legal studies.

These studies are fundamentally liberal. This is what the law is becoming. No wonder Judge Sotomayor judged it proper to deny some men passage of a firefighters exam simply because they stood out above a group of African-American men, who on the majority did not pass the test.

These are important issues but they are issues that are already dealt with, within the law. They should be taught as part of a course on citizen rights under the law, not as separate pieces of a whole. This does more to ideologically divide racial groups in culture than any isolated incident. This puts people into categories of special privilege. Agree or disagree with me on the impropriety of teaching this. Either way, it is a matter of special privilege.

This is the same problem you run into when making a distinction between “hate” crimes and other crimes.

If it be discovered that this group makes the points I am making here, then I withdraw my objection. But I seriously doubt it.

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One Response to “Legalized” Discrimination

  1. Dan O'Brian says:

    I just don’t think that specialized groups of people should have the ear of the government. Neither should there be special laws to govern the special groups. The only group worth talking about is the entire country. A double minded man is unstable. Now the government has as many minds as there are special interest groups.

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