Everybody’s a Legislator

Making laws is no longer one man’s job. Not since we rebelled against the king. So why can presidents make executive orders? There is no provision in the Constitution for executive orders. There are no rules to limit executive orders.

Originally, the Constitution gave the powers of law making only to Congress. This way, laws are made only by elected representatives. The founders did this to limit government power. The executive and judicial branches could not make law, but served important roles nonetheless.

Now, the president can make executive orders and the judiciary can review laws and hold them up or strike them down. Everyone wants to be a legislator.

This makes our laws subject to the whims of the unelected. Which means the people are no longer the final authority in deciding which laws should be made.

“Government by the people” is what the constitution says. Our government is no longer constitutional because it is no longer the people’s representatives alone who make laws.

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