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God’s Mercy

A story from my uncle Mark about God’s mercy on him. Advertisements

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Missing my Lord

I haven’t been to church lately. I have made excuses. I’ve felt like my heart is dying: I thought it needed CPR, But It was not dying. Because its life did not depend On me John Newton once dreamed that … Continue reading

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On Help

I probably couldn’t count the times I’ve given someone advice and it was not taken. And perhaps it wasn’t good advice after all, but they appeared to agree with it at the time. Nonetheless, these occurrences and ones like them … Continue reading

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The Maniac

The maniac’s world is very small. Everything in the maniac’s world is under his control and a world has to be very small to be under the control of one man. “The Maniac”, a chapter in G.K. Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy”, explains … Continue reading

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